Creating a Showcase

Learn how easy it is to create a Showcase and explore the different Showcase types.

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Creating a Showcase is extremely simple!

Default Showcase

By default, you have My Demio Webinars! Showcase generated for you. This default Showcase cannot be deleted or changed.

Creating a New Showcase

To create a new Showcase, you'll want to click on the Create a New Showcase button located in the top-right.

From there, you'll be able to choose between Standard and Automated options.

Creating a Standard Showcase βœ…

With a Standard Showcase, you'll be able to add Events manually to the collection. All you need to do is set the Showcase name and you're almost set!

You'll be able to add and remove Events from your Showcase as needed.

Click on the Add Events button, to add your first Event to the collection.

You'll see the list of your Demio Events, including:

  • all Series Events

  • Standard Events with upcoming Sessions or past Session Recordings

  • Automated Events with upcoming scheduled Sessions or On-Demand Sessions available

Click on the Add to Showcase button next to the Events you'd like to add. Once you're ready, hit Save & Close at the top left.

You'll be able to add new Events or remove Events from the collection at any time.

Creating an Automated Showcase ✨

Automated Showcase will allow you to set rules and automatically enroll Events into your Showcase based on the Event type and schedule.

Give your Showcase a name and set up rules for your collection based on the Event type and Event Schedule.

You can choose Standard, Series, Automated, or all Event types to be enrolled in your Showcase. There are options to include past Session Recordings and On-demand Sessions along with scheduled Event Sessions.

Click on the Create button once you have set up the rules for your Showcase and you're all set!

You'll be able to come back and edit the rules as needed later on.

Nest steps 🐾

Once you have a Showcase collection ready, you'll be able to proceed with customizing it and embedding the Showcase into your website or sharing it with your audience via a direct URL.

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