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Share Your Showcase

Learn how to share your Showcase via a direct URL or by embedding it into a custom landing page.

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In order to access Showcase sharing options, navigate to your Showcase dashboard and click on the Showcase you'd like to customize.

From there, go to the Embed tab to find the embed snippet and direct URL for your Showcase.

Embed Showcase

Using our Showcase embed option, you can add that perfect Showcase you have created to a custom landing page. This allows your audience to see more than one single Event at once, and register for the Event they would like to see!

Simply copy the snippet code and paste it into your custom page code.

Your landing page must support both HTML and JavaScript (JS).

The height of the embedded element depends on the number of Events in it and is adjusted automatically. Do not add a custom height to the Showcase element to avoid UI issues.

To customize the look and style of your Showcase, you can return to Demio and edit your Showcase as needed. ๐ŸŽจ

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