What's it all about?

Are other people running your event alongside you? Maybe you have someone else presenting and speaking? Or perhaps you have a few folks on your team engaging and moderating the Attendees?

You'll want to invite them to your event as an Admin.

Breaking down the roles! 👥

There are two roles that you are able to add to your event: Presenters and Moderators.

You can add this under "Events" and click on "Customize"

Both have a different set of permissions, allowing you to bring on your team or any co-stars in different ways.

Presenters 🗣

Permission to enable their webcam or microphone as well as present any slides and videos or share their screen to the audience.

They can also moderate chat, resources, and Attendees.

Moderators 👤

Permission to moderate chat, resources, and attendees, but they can not present anything to the audience.

What about the room?

Inside of the Demio room, you and your Presenters will appear at the top bar for Attendees to see.

On the other hand, Moderators will not show in this area. They will remain in the background, but appear in the chat if they send any messages.

Update: 001-181001

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