You can add and edit your billing information as well as find your billing history and all Demio invoices for past payments in the Billing section of your account.

Managing your Plan

To learn more about updating your plan or credit card details, please see the article on managing your billing.

Updating Billing Name and Address

You can add a specific billing name, address, and tax information – VAT or EIN (for certain countries) to your invoice.

To do that, click on Edit Address to add your billing name and address.

Next you will see the following screen to add your billing name, address and tax ID.

Download Invoices

You'll see all your past payments listed in the Invoices section. Click View Invoice to download it directly to your computer.

Common Questions! 🧐

Are past invoices affected by address changes?

Great question! Here's the breakdown of how address changes affect past invoices:

If no address is added, address changes will update your past invoices. Currently, these invoices (the ones that were created when you didn't have any address set) will be dynamically updated to always show your new updated address.

If you already have an address added, address changes will not update your past invoices. Those invoices will continue to use the previous address that was added/used.

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