With our Zapier integration, we allow you to pass in the Upcoming Webinar Date/Timestamp as data points to your integration of choice.

Learn how to set up Zapier integration and choose the appropriate trigger for your Zap.

And here is a breakdown of how to set up the Upcoming Webinar Date/Time data point in your Zap:

1. Add a trigger to your Zap. Here's an example of the initial Zap setup:

💡 If you're looking to save an upcoming Session time value in another app like a CRM, you'd need to create a custom field in your CRM first, to save and pass the data to it.

2. When you create a Zap, the passed Upcoming Webinar Timestamp/Date will be in UTC format. It would require using the Zapier Formatter if you want to change it to a specific time zone. You'll need to add the Formatter Action and select the category of data you wish to change:

3. Choose the Input value (Timestamp or Date):

Upcoming Webinar Timestamp:

Or Upcoming Webinar Date:

4. Ensure that you selected the formatted data from the Formatter in the Action of your Zap:

5. Test the Zap with your integration to confirm that it's working.

Now you're good to go! 💯

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