Once you've added it in as a Material, any Event Admin who has Presenter controls (Hosts/Presenters) can share it during the webinar.

Sharing a Video

From your event room, you'll want to access the Sharing Options menu located in the bottom-center of your screen.

From there, you'll find a list of all the different items you can share including any Video Materials you may have added.

Simply select the video from the list, and it'll start sharing with your audience immediately!

To stop sharing the video, you can navigate back to the Sharing Options menu and select Stop Sharing Video or you can quickly select the Stop Sharing option located at the very top.

Note on the YouTube Video Player

We currently support sharing YouTube videos, which is why you or any other Event Admins will see the YouTube video player when sharing the video.

However, any Attendees will only see the video playing (without any of the YouTube branding/player controls).

Update: 002-190821

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