As a valued user of Demio, we want to reward you for your continued support and championing. That's why we've introduced the Demio Referral program.

Demio is now part of Banzai. The Demio Referral Program will solely apply to Demio Starter and Growth packages. For Demio Premium solutions, Banzai Referral Program terms are applicable.

It's an easy way to give credit and earn credit to every single friend/colleague that signs up using your Referral link. That's what we call a win-win-win! 

As soon as a user upgrades to a paid plan, they'll get $25 in Demio credit applied to their account and automatically used towards their first month's payment.

Even better, you'll earn $100 in Demio credit each time a user you refer joins and becomes a paid user.

Getting Started

Signing Up

Getting up and running on our Referral Program is incredibly simple.

You would first need to create a login for your Affiliate account. This is completely separate from your Demio account.

Next, you'll want to jump into the Referral Program Dashboard.

Once you're there, select Become A Referral Partner and you'll be signed up.*

* If you're a Demio Affiliate, check out our brief note below.

Once you've been signed up, all your details will be shown on this page.

Accessing Your Credit

Any credit that is added to your account will be reflected on the Billing settings page of your account.

Existing Affiliate Users

With our new Referral Program, we'll be enacting a policy that only allows users to be a part of one program at a time.

However, we're more than happy to move you from one program to another!

If you're an existing Affiliate and wish to use our Referral program instead, you'll need to contact us directly. Simply request the swap and we'll move you over to our Referral program.

Even if you switch, we'll continue to pay any past commissions.

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