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The Questions feature allows you and your admins to better manage questions during your Event. ๐Ÿ™
Here are a few of the awesome things you can do in your Event with our Questions feature!

Marking a message as a Question

To mark a message from an Attendee as a Question to be managed by you or your Admins, you can simply hover over the message with your mouse and you'll see a ? icon where you can quickly mark that message as a Question.

Accessing the Questions area

You'll see in the chat filter tab that there is a ? icon. If you select that icon this will give you access to all the Questions you or your Admins have marked from your Attendees.

Sorting your Questions

You have the option to sort your Questions either by Newest which would allow for the most recently marked Questions to be presented at the top of the list, or by Oldest where the most recently marked Questions will be presented at the bottom of the list.

Answering your Questions live

You now have the ability to select one of the Questions asked by one of your Attendees and feature the Question during your presentation. ย A pop-up modal will be displayed to your audience that you're answering a Question from one of your Attendees and you can also click the Finish Answering button when you're done and it will show that you have answered the question under the marked questions area which is only visible to you and your admins.

Got questions on how our Chat Box and Admin Chat works? ย No problem, feel free to take a look at our Chat Box Overview article here and Admin Chat article here for more information.

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