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Updating the Social Media Summary Card
Updating the Social Media Summary Card

Reset Open Graph settings by clearing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn cache.

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If you’ve ever updated the social media graph image in Demio, you may notice the old image is still being pulled up in the social snippet on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn.

This happens because social media platforms rely on caching the meta-tags for URLs, which can result in you seeing the old preview image when you try to share the link.

When you update it, you’ll need to update the cache as well and I'll walk through the steps for each platform.

Here's how to Clear your Facebook cache via the sharing debugger

Facebook has a developer tool called the Sharing Debugger to fix it. To access the tool, navigate to Facebook for Developers or click this link.

Paste your registration form URL into the text field and click Debug.

After that, click on Fetch new information:

Then Scrape Again:

If you scroll down the page, you’ll also find the link preview for the URL, which shows how your updated summary card will look when displayed in the Facebook news feed.

How to Clear the Twitter Cache via the Card Validator Tool

Just as Facebook offers a tool to re-scrape old links, Twitter has developed a similar tool that follows a similar process.

To get started, head over to the Card Validator tool. Then enter the URL of your registration form and click Preview card.

This will clear the Twitter cache of any outdated data and repopulate the social media graph image with all the updated information. You can now try sharing the link on Twitter again to view the updated image.

How to Clear the LinkedIn Cache via the Post Inspector Tool

First, head over to LinkedIn’s Post Inspector tool and enter the registration form URL into the text field on the top of the page.

Then click Inspect.

You can scroll down below the link preview to see what URL information the Post Inspector has pulled.

Note: It can take time to fetch the new data for all platforms, so you may need to inspect the URL in the tools a couple of times until the platform clears its cache.

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