Handling the Hard Stuff! 💪

We automatically record each and every webinar session for you. That way, you'll never forget to hit record!

The recording will be automatically start when you start any webinar session, capturing from the very moment you go live to your audience. It'll automatically be finished when the webinar session is ended.

Accessing It! 📹

To access any Recordings, you'll want to jump into the Summary area of your event.

From there, you can locate the session from the Past Sessions list where you'll be able to access the Recording of that specific session.

You'll see the thumbnail of the recording (if it exists), as well as a Recording button directly on the session card.

Selecting the Recording button will trigger a modal window appear that includes:

  1. A direct link to the replay page
  2. The Replay Page Editor where you can customize the replay page
  3. The option to download the recording (as an .MP4 file)
  4. The option to delete the recording

That's the quick overview of Recordings! 💯

You can also learn how to customize the replay page by using the Replay Page editor.

Update: 001-190425

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