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Every registration sequence should include a Thank You page. It acts both as a confirmation of the registration itself, but also as a note of appreciation to the registrant who took the time to sign up for the event.

By default, we generate a Thank You page that uses the same styling set for the Registration page, including the logo and any custom colors.

It also includes two widgets—their Unique Join Link and the scheduled date/time with an Add-to-Calendar option.

Custom Thank You Page

For those that want to enjoy a bit more control over their registration sequence, you can set a custom URL to send any contacts to after their register.

To start, you'll want to hop into the Additional Options by clicking on the button at the right hand side of the event card and clicking Customize event

From there, you'll find the Registration card where you'll be able to customize that registration process.

Make sure you've selected the Customize Registration tab and you'll find the option to enable a custom thank you page.

Enable that option and you'll be able to pop-in the custom URL.

That's it! Any contacts will be redirected to that URL after submitting a successful registration.

Update: 001-181001

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