Attendees are not allowed to turn on their Mics / Webcams by default. However, Admins (i.e Presenters / Moderators) can grant Mic / Webcam permissions to Attendees anytime during a live webinar.

Note: We currently only support Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari for using Microphones and Webcams with Demio. Therefore attendees that wish to use their Mic / Webcam will need to use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Presenters need to follow the steps below for granting Mic / Webcam permissions to Attendees:

Click the Manage People(shown as a black button located in the bottom-left):

A list of Attendees will be displayed. Select a specific Attendee to display a few options:

You'll find a few choices, including the option to extend them permission to use their Microphone / Webcam:

This will send a request to Attendee to turn on their Mic / Webcam. If the Attendee clicks Yes, their Mic / Webcam will turn on straight away, but If they choose No then they will get Mic / Webcam options which they can turn on at any time they want.

Note: This feature can only be used if the Attendee has supported Devices connected to their system (microphone / webcam). The options will be missing if the Attendee does not have the supported devices connected to the system and if they are not using a Desktop/Laptop device.

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