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Zapier: Actions

Learn about the different Actions you can set up in Zapier.

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With Zapier, Actions are events that are performed when the Trigger occurs.

Demio offers one primary Action around registering Users to your Event.

Create Registration for Webinar

This submits a brand new registration to your webinar Event.

It's super simple to set up!

By default, the Name and Email fields would be available for you to pass in any data pulled from the Trigger.

Additionally, once you've chosen an Event from the dropdown, Zapier will pull in any Custom Fields you've set up in the registration settings of your Event.

You'll find all of your Event types, including Automated Events.

Event Types

When Zapier pulls in your list of Events, it will include a short annotation to indicate the type of Event.

Here's a full list:

[One Time] – single date Event
[Stays Registered Series] – Stays Registered Series-type
[Choose Date Series] – Choose Date Series-type
[LLR] – Like Live Replays

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