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Copy/Duplicate an Event
Copy/Duplicate an Event

Learn how to copy the settings from a previous Event.

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Making It Easy! ✨

Want to duplicate one of your Events? Not a problem!

We make it super simple to duplicate an Event and copy over any of the existing Settings, recreating it on the spot.

Of course, you'll be able to make new adjustments on your newly created Event.

Copying the Event

You can quickly duplicate any Event by navigating to your Events page and locating the Event from your list.

You can then click the three dots to open the drop down and select Duplicate to duplicate the Event.

Alternatively, you can click the Event, then maneuver to the drop down and select Duplicate Event.

Once you've selected the Duplicate Event option, your new Event will be created instantly.

What Got Copied?

You'll notice that all of your Settings found in the Customize area have been copied over.

However, none of your Sessions will be copied over, instead leaving you with a blank schedule that is ready to be set for your new Event!

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