With our Zapier integration, we allow you to pass in the Upcoming Webinar Date/Timestamp as data points to your integration of choice.

Learn how to set up Zapier integration and choose the appropriate trigger for your Zap.

Let's start by going over the process with this video:

And here is a breakdown of how to set up the Upcoming Webinar Date/Time data point in your Zap:

1. Add a trigger to your Zap. Here's an example of the initial Zap setup:

💡 If you're looking to save an upcoming Session time value in another app like a CRM, you'd need to create a custom field in your CRM first, to save and pass the data to it.

2. When you create a Zap, the passed Upcoming Webinar Timestamp/Date will be in UTC format. It would require using the Zapier Formatter if you want to change it to a specific time zone. You'll need to add the Formatter Action and select the category of data you wish to change:

3. Choose the Input value (Timestamp or Date):

Upcoming Webinar Timestamp:

Or Upcoming Webinar Date:

4. Ensure that you selected the formatted data from the Formatter in the Action of your Zap:

5. Test the Zap with your integration to confirm that it's working.

Now you're good to go! 💯

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