All About Custom Domains

Using a custom domain allows you to enhance the branded experience you can provide through Demio. Adding one and setting it to your default will serve all public pages through the domain, including:

  • Registration pages (including any pages used to manage registrations)

  • Join Links / Room links

  • Recording pages

Furthermore, all of your previous links will redirect to the new link using the custom domain. This automatic redirect ensures that even if you set up the domain after creating/sharing an existing event, all of your links will continue to work.

Note: Custom Domains are available to users on the Premium plan. If you're interested, you can contact us for more details.

Setting It Up

Add Your Domain

To get started, you'll want to jump into your Branding settings. From here, you'll find the option to manage your current domain.

Add a new custom domain by selecting Add Custom Domain and adding the domain (root or sub-domain) that you'd like to use.

Tip: The setup will require you to point the domain to our servers, so ensure that the domain you add is available to use.

Add Host Records (Point Your Domain & Verify Ownership)

Now that you've added the domain, the next step will involve adding the custom host/DNS records from your domain registrar's dashboard to point your domain to our servers.

After you've added the domain, we'll generate and display the Host Records below your domain:

Tip: A root domain will generate two host records while a sub-domain will generate one. Make sure you add all the host records generated for your specific domain.

Each domain registrar has a different setup process, so your best bet is to jump into the help documentation (or contact the support) of your specific provider.

Here are links to how-to guides from a few popular domain providers:

Once you've added the Host Records, it can take up to 48 hours to verify (it often happens sooner). You can check on your domain's connection status directly from the Branding settings.

Tip: You can also access the domain directly to confirm its connection. 😉

Set Your Default Domain

Now that you've connected your domain, you'll want to set it as the default. Demio will use your default domain to serve all of your public pages—if someone accessed a link using the non-default domain, it'd automatically redirect them to the custom domain, preventing any dead links.

That's it! All links (for current events and new events you create) will use the custom domain that you've added.

Tip: Ensure that the Host Records you added remain intact, as any changes will disrupt your domain's connection to our servers.

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