Taking a look at the two! ✌️

We currently have two different event types that you can run on Demio: a Standard Event and an Automated Event.

While they both work in a similar way, especially when it comes to the set up, there are some core differences that are important to consider!


A Live Event is pretty much what it sounds like!

You can run this event live and engage with your Attendees in all the awesome ways you know and love.

There are a couple different scheduling options we offer, which you can check out on our Create A Standard Event guide.


An Automated Events works to automate the presentation for those sessions!

They work in a similar way to live events, but you don’t even have to show up to present.

Using a previous live event recording or a perfected recording, you’ll be able create an evergreen event where everything from Chat Resources to Automations are perfectly timed!

To get started here, check our our Create An Automated Event guide.

Update: 001-181001

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