With Demio sub-users, you can invite your team members to get their own logins with access to your Demio account.

The feature is available on our Business plan, which includes up to 3 sub-users at no charge.

To add users, open Settings from the top right menu.

Once in settings, click Users tab

Here, you can manage and add more sub-users to your account. Just simply click the "Add New User" button to send an invitation:

Once invited, you'll see the pending sub-user account:

At this point, the sub-user will receive an email with instructions on how to get started; they'll first be required to set a password and name for their account.

From this screen, you can further manage your sub-users by deleting any currently existing users or by editing the permission of any current users.

When you add a new sub-user, they will have the least amount of permissions by default:

You can change this by selecting that you want this sub-user to have the ability to start and host webinars.  Follow that process by clicking Save to finalize the changes.

Note: There's no limit to how many sub-users you can invite.

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