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Each event has its own Registration page, including a Registration Form.

By default, there are two fields that registrants must fill out: First Name and Email.

You can add additional fields for any potential Registrants to fill out when they sign up for the event.

If you want to customize the page itself, you can do so through our Registration Editor.

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To start, you'll want to hop into the Customize Options by clicking the Customize Event option on your event.

From there, you'll find the Registration card where you'll be able to tweak anything related to your registration process.

Adding Form Fields

To get going with adding custom form fields, you'll want to navigate to the Edit Form Fields tab.

This is where you'll be able to view and manage your form fields. You'll find that the two default fields have already been created for you.

You can add additional ones by adding the desired field name and clicking Add Text Field. Keep in mind that there is a character limit of 50 for the field name.

You'll also have the ability to set the field as Required, which will require the potential registrant to submit that field before signing up.

On the other hand, Optional fields won't be required.

Managing Form Fields

You can also change the order of your form or remove any custom fields if you change your mind.

To the left will be arrows that allow you to arrange its order on the form. How they're set here will be reflected on the Registration page.

You'll also see a trash can icon on the right allowing you to remove a field altogether.

At this time, we don't allow you to rename any form fields. You'll need to re-create it instead.

Keep in mind that the default form fields can't be removed or renamed.

Update: 001-181001

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