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Edit Registrant Details
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There are situations where you may need to update Registrant details. Perhaps someone signed up with a typo in their name or you learned new details that should be captured in the custom fields of your registration form.

Update a Registrant's Email

Demio uses the Registrant's email as a unique identifier. While it's not possible to update a Registrant's email, you can always remove registration and sign up that person again using their correct email.

This will generate a brand new registration with a new Unique Join Link.

Update a Registrant's Name or Other Details

To update a Registrant's name or other details showing in the Event Activity tab, you can re-register that contact again from your Event's registration page, using the same email address along with their new details.

Since Demio uses the Registrant's email address as a unique identifier, a registration with the same email address will update the existing record replacing any original details with the details of the new registration.

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