Cancel a registration

Canceling registration for an Attendee is simple.

The webinar Host or a Sub-User can cancel a registration for any Registrant from any upcoming webinar. In order to do this please follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Activity tab in the webinar event the Registrant is registered for:

2. Search for a contact by typing their name or email address in the search area:

3. Click on their name and you'll see details of the Event and their Unique Join Link.  Click Cancel Registration.

Confirm the cancellation by clicking the red Yes, Cancel button.

Delete a Contact

💡 Once the contact is deleted, their information, including registration and past event details, are deleted and cannot be recovered. A deletion will also cancel their registration for upcoming webinars.

1. Click on the contact in the Activity tab:

2.  Click on the Delete icon in the contact's details:

3. Click on the red Yes, Delete button to confirm the deletion:

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