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Ready to bring on a few team members or presenters to your event?

You'll need to hop into the event options and bring them on as Admins. Remember that there are two different roles you can set up.

Also, be mindful that each event can hold up to 10 invited Admins. The limitation applies across the board to the total of both Presenters and Moderators—that means 10 altogether!

Setting your crew up! 🔧

To start, you'll want to hop into the Additional Options by clicking on the button at the right hand side of the event card and clicking Customize event

From there, you'll find the Presenters & Moderators card where you'll be able to invite new admins, as well as manage any existing ones.

Adding a New Admin

To add a new admin, simply enter in their Name and Email, select their Role from the dropdown, and click Send Invite.

If you're dealing with a event that has more than one session scheduled, you can also select specific sessions to invite them on to.

All set! Once invited, they will automatically be sent a confirmation email containing details for their session—including their Unique Join Link.

Manage an Existing Admin

All of your Admins that are added for that event will appear as a list in the option card, alongside their role and a link to view which sessions they've been invited to.

You can select the Upcoming Dates link to open a pop-up box that allows you to add or remove any sessions, as well as shows you their unique Admin Join Link, which you can manually copy or have sent via email directly on Demio.

Changing A Role

If you want to change the role for a particular user, you'll need to delete them from the event first, then re-invite them to the event as the intended role instead.

Keep in mind that the Unique Join Link for their session will be re-generated, so you'll have to ensure they use the new link to join the event instead.


Update: 001-181001

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