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Learn how to manage the default email notifications.

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Keeping your Registrants in the loop through notifications is a great way to increase attendance rates!

We offer you a few options to notify your Registrants at different time intervals. Each notification will include the Registrant's Unique Join Link and outline the exact date and time that their Session is scheduled to start. It will also include any custom text that was added to the notification.

Here's the full list of notifications that Demio can send out:

  • Instant Confirmation: This email will be sent immediately following successful registration.

  • 24 Hours Before: This email will be sent 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the Session.

  • 1 Hour Before: This email will be sent 1 hour prior to the scheduled start time of the Session.

  • 15 Minutes Before: This email will be sent 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the Session.

  • Replay Follow Up: This email will be sent to one of the following: All Registrants, No Shows, or Attendees with a Replay link of the live Event that has just ended.

The Replay Follow Up email would be sent out automatically only if it has been enabled before the recording is ready. The email would be sent as soon as the Recording of your Live Event has finished processing.

Demio notifications are sent via our demio.com domain and are compliant with the latest requirements for sender authentication and unsubscribes. You can adjust the forwarding email as well as the sender's name from your Email settings.

Turning Them On/Off

While all the emails are enabled by default, you have the option to disable all/any of them.

To start, you'll want to hop into the Additional Options by clicking Edit on your Event. From there, you'll find the Email Notifications card where you'll be able to manage the notifications. Simply toggle any individual notification based on which ones you'd like to keep enabled!

Customizing The Emails

Customization options are available for all paid plans, but Custom Branding options are available on our Growth plans and higher. Trial users need to upgrade to unlock this feature (and more!).

With each notification, you can edit and modify almost all aspects of the automated emails Demio sends to your Registrants. Simply click Edit Email for the specific notification and you'll find a preview of the email and all of your customization options.

The email body editor supports rich text, including text formatting, alignment options, and the ability to add links, merge fields, and revert back to the original email template. Last but not least, our emails also support emojis! 😊

The email footer, Join Now details, Add to calendar, and Session details such as the date and time are non-customizable. Email Signature is carried over from Email settings if added. You can adjust it by managing your Email settings.

Email Subject

The subject line of the emails is limited to plain text only. You can add any custom text after the default prefix that cannot be customized.

Text Formatting

We offer formatting options for the body of the email.

Alignment options are also included.

You can also insert a link into your emails by clicking on the link icon.

Merge Fields

The supported Merge Fields options include First Name, Email, Event Name, Session Date & Time, Registration Date & Time, the Event Description (which will be pulled from the Description element from the Registration Page Editor, and Form Fields (if they're added, including pre-built fields and custom fields).

You will also have the option to include a Fallback Value to your Merge Fields. If the system doesn’t have data for a Merge Field, the Fallback Value will appear in its place when the email is sent out. For example, a User enters First Name for their Merge Field, and "Customer" for the Fallback. If the database doesn’t have a Registrant’s first name, the word “Customer” will replace it on the email. This is also optional and can be left empty.

Custom Logo

You can update the logo that shows in the email by adjusting your Branding Settings or by changing the logo individually in the email customization section by clicking on the pencil icon.

Replay Follow Up

You can remove or bring back the replay details in the Replay Follow Up email by clicking on the Remove Replay or Add Replay button.

Restore Original Template

By clicking Restore original template, you can quickly revert the email subject and body back to their default, unedited status.

Email Preview

You can preview the email by clicking on the Show email preview icon button at the bottom of the window.

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