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Keeping your registrants in-the-loop through notifications are a great way to increase attendance rates!

We offer you a few options to notify your registrants at different time intervals. Each notification will include the registrant's Unique Join Link and outline the exact date and time that their session is scheduled to start. It will also include any custom text that was added to the notification.

Here's the full list:

  • Instant Confirmation: This email will be sent immediately following successful registration.

  • 24 Hours Before: This email will be sent 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the session.

  • 1 Hour Before: This email will be sent 1 hour prior to the scheduled start time of the session.

  • 15 Minutes Before: This email will be sent 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the session.

  • Replay Follow-up: This email will be sent to one of the following: All Registrants, No Shows, or Attendees with a Replay link of the event that has just ended.

    NOTE: The Replay follow up email would be sent out automatically only if it has been enabled before the webinar start date/time.

Turning Them On/Off

While all the emails are enabled by default, you have the option to disable all/any of them.

To start, you'll want to hop into the Additional Options by clicking Edit on your event.

From there, you'll find the Email Notifications card where you'll be able to manage the notifications.

Simply toggle any individual notification based on which ones you'd like to keep enabled!

Customizing The Emails

Email Body
With each notification, you can include a custom snippet of text.

Simply click Edit Email for the specific notification and you'll find a preview of the email.

You'll also see a custom text area where you can add a message of your choice.

Note: Keep in mind that we don't support any text formatting options. Please limit it to plain text.

Custom Logo
If you are on the Growth or Premium plans and want to update the logo that shows in the email, you can do this by adjusting your Branding Settings.

You can upload your brand logo and update the color scheme by entering a new HEX code or selecting from the color palette.

Make sure that you Enable the "Confirmation and Reminder Emails" as well so that the Branding is updated!

You'll now see the updated brand and colors in the Emails under the Events!

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