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Learn all about how recordings work.

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Demio automatically records each and every live webinar Session for you. That way, you'll never forget to hit record!

The recording will automatically begin when you Start any webinar Session, capturing content from the very moment you go live to your audience. It will automatically be finished when the webinar Session is ended.

The video will include any video and audio shared during the Event, as well as any shared screens and Presentation Materials. We use the resolution of the originally published streams to compose a recording in 1080p resolution with a layout matching what was happening in the live Event.

If you're sharing your screen, Slides, or Video and want Presenter cards to be hidden, you can use our Spotlight feature to hide Presenter cards during the Session and in the recording! The Presenter card will adjust dynamically based upon viewer screen size and what is being shared on screen.

All Recordings will be stored on your account for as long as your account is active. There's no limit to the number of Recordings you can store in your account.

Accessing It! ๐Ÿ“น

To access any Recordings, you'll want to open the Schedule page and set the filter at the top of the page to All Past.

Alternatively, you can jump into the Summary area of any Event and locate the Session from the Past Sessions tab where you'll be able to access the Recording of that specific Session.

Recording Options

If a Recording exists for a Past Session, you'll see an active Recording icon as well as a few Recording-related options from within the dropdown.

1. Selecting the Share Replay button will trigger a modal window that includes a direct link to the Replay page and the Edit Page button where you can customize the Replay page.

2. The View Insights button will take you to the Session Insights page with all analytics and reports available for the Session.

3. Create On-Demand button will automatically convert the recording to a new Automated Event with On-Demand availability.

4. Download Recording button will open the download modal allowing you to save the video file in the MP4 format.

5. Delete Recording button would allow you to completely erase the recorded content. This action can not be reversed.

That's the quick overview of Recordings! ๐Ÿ’ฏ

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