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Learn about the Manage Registration area that any Registrants and Admins can access.

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A Quick Overview! 👀

Each registrant will have a dedicated Manage your registration area. When they open their Unique Join Link, they can access this area by clicking the Join Room button:

And then clicking on the Manage your registration link at the bottom of the page:

From here, they'll be able to:

A link to the Manage your registration area will automatically be added to the footer of each notification email that is sent to the user as well as to the waiting room.

💡 Note: the Manage your registration link uses the same hash that is used for the registrant's Unique Join Link in the following format:[HASH]

Admins Get One Too! 💯

Registrants aren't the only ones that get access to an area to manage their options—admins get one too! For all event admins, they'll be sent to their own Manage Admin Settings area.

The only difference would be the absence of the Email Notifications and Cancel Registration options.

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