What's so special? 🌟

Sometimes it can make sense to provide a seamless way for existing contacts to register.

This is especially true if you already have their name and email address (which you'll need to use the 1-Click Registration option) on hand and don't need to capture those again.

We make this process super easy!

Let's set it up! 💪

To start, you'll want to hop into the event's Customize tab..

From there, you'll need to navigate to the Integration card where you'll be able to find the 1-Click Registration template that is generated for your specific integration.

Keep in mind that you'll need to enable an integration from the Account Settings first.

Select the Settings for the enabled integration to show a pop-over with the settings related to that integration.

Navigate to the 1-Click Registration tab.

We create a template containing merge values that are specific to that integration. You can include in an email sent through that integration and it will generate a 1-Click Registration link for that specific contact.

That's it! We should be all set.


There is a few limitations to keep in mind.


Any users with GDPR won't be able to use the 1-Click Registration to capture registrants.

2. Required Custom Form Fields

If you have any custom form fields added and set as a required field, the 1-Click Registration link will result in an error—since the particular form field wasn't filled out.

You may choose to set the form field as Optional instead.

3. Multiple Date/Time Options

If your event has multiple times to choose from, using the 1-Click Registration will simply register the contact for the next available time.

Break Down

For those of you that want to dive a bit deeper into how the 1-Click Registration options work, it's fairly straight-forward.

By default, all of our Registration links will allow you to quickly include the contact's first name and email in the URL itself.

Like so: my.demio.com/ref/2D5Itgi2YWqJz9x2/First-Name/Email

The link templates that we generate simply use the integration's unique merge formatting to add those in.

Update: 001-181001

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