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Notifications on Registrant Activity
Notifications on Registrant Activity

All the ways you can stay updated on your Registrant Activity.

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Your Event Customization options include a way for you to remain updated via email on your Registrants' activity. You will go into your Event, under the Customize tab, and into the Settings tab under the Registration box.

Under the Settings tab, you will see the option to enable three separate options to receive Registrant activity. The first option will be to receive an email for each Registration, the second option will be to receive a daily email on Registrant activity, and the third option will be to receive a weekly email on Registrant activity. These can be enabled/disabled individually based on your preferences and what you would like to receive.

Notifications are enabled when a Session is scheduled. Daily digests will be sent at 0:00 UTC the following day, and weekly updates will be sent at 0:00 UTC the following Monday of opt in.

Under Edit Email Recipients, you can add additional Team Members to receive those email updates as well:

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