As an Attendee for an upcoming Demio Webinar, here's a list of things you should confirm for an optimal experience!

1. Ensure you are tuning in from one of our supported browsers!

2. Make sure you run a connectivity test using our Demio System Check. As an Attendee, you'll want to keep an eye on any packet loss.

Pro Tip: If your device is on WiFi, moving closer to your router can help. Plugging in directly using an Ethernet cable is even better!

3. Demio works best when you close any other browser tabs and applications on your computer. Try to close down anything you aren't using!

4. If you are planning on sharing your webcam/microphone as an Attendee, make sure you use one of the browsers supported for Admins, and your permissions are set correctly for the browser and audio/webcam are connected.

Run a system check here.

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